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Your smile says a lot about you and the person you are. It’s communicating without saying a word. A beautiful and a healthy smile can give a person the confidence they need to feel good about themselves. Research actually shows that smiling is good for your health. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, making yourself smile will release chemicals in your body that are healthy for you.



So when should you make that commitment to start your Orthodontic treatment journey for you or your child to obtain that healthy smile? It is a very big decision. Pana Orthodontics completely understands and doesn’t think it is something that you should rush into. Things you should always consider and ask your doctor during your initial consultation:


• Yelp and Google them! Look on Yelp since this is where happy and unhappy patients go to bring awareness about anything they love or don’t love.
• Look at their before and afters. Not 2/3 Look for a doctor that provides results!
• Look at the educational background and where they did their training.
• Look up their website, Facebook, Instagram, and see how well it’s put together and the information they provide for their patients.
• When going to the practice pay attention to how they interact with their patients.
• Ask around, ask your friends and family who they recommend and where they went? How was their experience?



Since committing to an orthodontic treatment means you will be going to the office once every 4-6 weeks, make sure the office is close and their schedule works for you. Make sure you consider the following:


• What days and times are they available?
• How long are your future appointments
• How punctual is the office?
• What happens if you need to reschedule? Will they be able to fit you in the same week or following week? Are they accommodating?
• How is the front office?



Pay attention to who you’re speaking with on the phone and who is at the front office … they will either make your life difficult or super easy when it comes to appointments! Ask yourself is this someone you will want to deal with during your orthodontic experience? If it is, congratulations you have found a good fit for you and your family. Now that you have made a decision on who you would like to make your orthodontic journey with, what should you know about the next stages of your treatment? Getting braces as you know has many stages throughout the entire process.


• Did you know that you can choose between clear/ceramic or metal brackets?
• You can change your ties (colors) every visit, have fun with it!
• After placing the brackets and wires on, your little one will be sore for about 4-5 days.
• Soreness means your teeth are responding to treatment! We need your teeth
to be moving to straighten them out!
• There will be some food restrictions during the orthodontic treatment.
• Keeping up with excellent hygiene and maintaining regular visits to your
dentist during treatment is very important.
• Bonding appointments (braces on) take about 1.5 hours.
• Adjustment appointments take about 15-20 minutes.
• Broken brackets that need repair are an additional 30 minutes.








Now that you know what to expect and know what to look for, make sure you check out Pana Orthodontics for your orthodontic needs. They utilize the latest technology to ensure their patients comfort, instant treatment plans and faster appointments. Even better their X-ray machines have virtually zero radiation! Dr. Pana knows that each patient is a unique individual and he will provide various options to ensure the best treatment plan to maximize your facial aesthetics. Dr. Pana loves to meet great people every day. As well as see his young patients grow up and develop into young adults. He also loves to see the facial changes that occur during orthodontic treatment. Some changes are very subtle but some are significant and life changing. Pana Orthodontics philosophy is to treat the face first and then treat the teeth. Facial aesthetics is a key component of the practice. Dr. Pana doesn’t just want to create beautiful smiles, he wants to create beautiful faces. Because it is never too late to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of!



Dr. Pana is located at:
Pana Orthodonics
26731 Aliso Creek Rd Ste 210, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


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