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I am pleased to introduce you to Yurika, the Mom behind Crave Industries. Another amazing local Mom that figured out how to share what she loves with the world. So what does this Mama love? She really loves ginger and lemon. Come to find out, she wasn’t the only one. First her family loved her tasty concoction, next her neighbors and now everyone. The best part about her ging-ë-lems besides the taste, is the handful of health benefits. Think clear skin, aides digestion, cleanses liver and balances blood sugar, to name a few. Find out when this Mama had her aha moment, why she c hose to raise her family in South Orange County and her favorite local staycation.


Please tell us why you first started making ginger/lemon drinks?

I started making ging-ë-lems after I purchased a juice from a juice bar and realized the most satisfying part of the drink was the ginger and lemon. I decided to juice ginger and lemon and add it to my tea in the morning. Eventually, I would add it to my ice water for the day. Since the process was time consuming and messy, I decided to freeze it in an ice cube tray and make bigger batches to last me awhile. I noticed I would crave to drink it again at the end of the day, it made me feel so good and I also experienced unexpected beauty and health benefits on top of it all!


What was your aha moment when you realized this amazing concoction should be shared with the masses?

I was feeling so good with each sip and had an overall feeling of wellbeing, I remember thinking “if more people drank this, we’d have a lot more happy people in the world”. I shared them with friends and family and eventually my neighborhood. I posted on a closed Facebook page for our Coto/Dove neighborhood and the response was very positive, there were a lot of people like me who love ginger and lemon and even those who were not big fans but tried ging-ë-lems anyway to learn they actually enjoyed the refreshing concoction and health benefits. Plus, it helped my 83 year old mother’s pre-diabetic condition and eczema break outs. She is medication free and drinks ging-ë-lems daily, she said it is her saving grace, her skin has cleared and she doesn’t suffer after she indulges once in a while, she has asked me to never stop making them. I think of people like her who do not have the resources to make this ginger/lemon blend easily. I decided to create ging-ë-lems so people could have easy and affordable access to refreshingly delicious, raw, organic ginger and lemon. All the benefits without the hassle.



What benefits will people see from consuming ging-ë-lems daily?

The standout benefit to me was my skin texture and tone. Starting in my late 30’s until I started drinking ging-ë-lems, I would break out below my cheekbones to my jawline. I tried removing dairy, nuts, gluten, etc… but I would always have a bumpiness to my skin. Once I started drinking ging-ë-lems, I rubbed my face one day and it was as smooth as a baby’s bum! My skin texture was starting to dull and look flat as I was moving into my 40’s but once I started drinking ging-ë-lems daily, I would wake up with a dewy glow and supple texture to my skin, you could see the cleansing happening from the inside out. Other benefits people have experienced are, lowered blood pressure (some have replaced blood pressure medication with ging-ë-lems) anti-fungal – cures ringworm, eczema (some forms are caused by fungus), nail fungus, etc…, anti-microbial/viral, aides digestion, cleanses liver, balances blood sugar, to name a few.



What did you do before you started Crave Industries?

I have been a stay-at-home mom to Olivia-20, Audrey-18 and Shane-13 for the past 20 years. Before that, I was a Registered Dental Assistant specializing in Orthodontics since 1992. After becoming a mother, I would occasionally help my former Orthodontic office for someone’s maternity leave or absence throughout the years. I also, had a photography business shooting business and actor headshots. Before children, I studied dance and acting, I had an agent and auditioned in the entertainment industry and returned to performing in theatre from 2005-2014 in various plays and musicals throughout Orange County.


Why did you decide to raise your family in South Orange County?

I was born in Orange County and raised in Anaheim. I’ve always been drawn to South Orange County. I would not want to raise my children anywhere else, we have beautiful beaches, hiking trails, shopping centers and most of all… awesome people!



What advice would you give to another Mother that has a great product idea, but isn’t sure to if she should dive in?

The best advice I can give is you must love your product authentically. If you don’t, you won’t find your true customers. I couldn’t stop making ging-ë-lems and its products, if I tried. When you love something purely, it takes and pulls you along for the ride, I now understand the Rumi quote “trade in your cleverness for bewilderment” I’m surprised at each turn of this business, the right people show up, I learn everyday how to become a better business, all because I love everything ging-ë-lems has to offer and want to figure out better ways to serve my customers.


How do you practice self-care?

I practice self-care by, first and foremost, drinking my ging-ë-lems daily! For diet, I do clean Intermittent Fast (Delay, Don’t Deny by Gin Stephens), I take time out with friends and go on day adventures like, skiing, paddle-boarding, etc…,I also, like to use my facial mask ging-ë-glow, an organic ginger and lemon, kaolin clay mask made from the extract of ging-ë-lems and also ging-ë-scrub a sea salt scrub made from the pulp of ging-ë-lems organic ginger and lemon. And the most important self-care for me is… rest when I’m tired, without guilt.


What is your favorite meal to make, that the whole family loves?

I love to cook and have many go to recipes, but the one comfort food my family enjoys is my Miso soup and Japanese steamed rice. I fill the savory broth with daikon radish and tofu. They like to put a scoop of rice in the bowl and pour the soup over it. It’s not your typical American comfort food, but for our home it brings a warm smile over faces when they smell it being made.


What is your favorite staycation in SoCal?

Does Catalina count? If not, anything Laguna Beach! I love Surf and Sand since it has the best ocean view rooms and dining.


Favorite Date Night restaurant/activity in SouthOC? (pre or post COVID)

We used to enjoy going to plays/theatre, movies pre-Covid, but still enjoy the great dining South OC has to offer. Our favorites are Thai, Indian, Mexican, so many great places like Carmelita’s in RSM, Natraj, Eat Thai in MV, La Sirena Grill in Laguna, we choose tasty over fancy most of the time but one thing we like to end our date with is a stop at Dolce in Laguna Beach, best gelato in town! They also have warm fruit cobblers and delicious chocolate soufflé!


How can other SouthOCMoms find your amazing products?

The best way to find my products is at You can order everything online and have it delivered to your door! Subscribe for notifications when new and exciting organic ginger and lemon products become available.


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