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Rammy is one of those amazing Moms who figures out how to make what she wants, when she can’t find it in the marketplace. Case in point, she didn’t like the way one of her fancy expensive candles burned, so she decided to figure out how to make a non-toxic beautifully smelling candle burn perfectly. She couldn’t find the right skin care products for her face, so again she did her research and came up with the perfect combination of ingredients to launch her own skin care line. Find out her tips for budding Entrepreneurs, her go-to hostess gift ideas and what ingredients should and shouldn’t be in your candles at home.


What made you decide to launch a Candles and Cosmetics product line?
I was frustrated with the products on the market – they were either a bad value, had too many unhealthy or unnecessary ingredients, or they didn’t perform as advertised. Whether it was a candle or body product I bought for myself or a gift I received from a friend, I was constantly disappointed. For example, I had a stain on my side table, so I bought a large 5-wick luxury candle from a famous name brand to cover it. After three burnings, the vessel was covered in soot and the wicks had created tunneling to the point it wouldn’t burn anymore. And it didn’t even give off any scent at all! I said to myself that there must be a better way so I started researching how to make the cleanest, most luxuriously scented candles that actually burned perfectly. That is why I use 100% soy wax – it drives me crazy to see candles labeled as soy candles when they actually contain paraffin wax which is toxic to burn. And I use the highest percentage of oil-to-wax ratio of only the highest-quality fragrance oils – not essential oils which are toxic to burn or cheap synthetic oils. I also don’t want to cheat my customers by including chemical additives, such as Vybar, which is a chemical amplifier that allows candlemakers to use less oil. I also wick-test each vessel to make sure it burns evenly to the bottom. I want the person burning the candle to feel calm, satisfied and have our scents fill their house – that means a happy customer who will buy again. The same thing happened with the skin and body care. My husband used to look at my bathroom counter and drawers and ask why I had a graveyard of products. When I told him that each of the products were causing rashes or acne, etc., he encouraged me to make my own, and so I did. I infuse all of my skin and body products with 24K Colloidal Gold which is anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants.



What was the first product that you launched?
We launched the Happy Candles Collection in April 2020 just as the first wave of the pandemic was hitting. We decided to share our candles with essential workers, like nurses and doctors and other healthcare workers on the front lines, hoping to convey an important message: regardless of whatever obstacle we face, we must focus on the positive and use our skills and persistence to move forward. When you give back, the act of generosity goes beyond the action — it’s the psychological power of showing a person or a group that someone in their community cares about them. Maybe it’s the mother in me, but I just want to make people’s lives better in any way I can. We have hand-delivered and donated hundreds of candles to local hospitals and other entities that felt the weight of COVID on their shoulders.

What is your number one, can’t start your day without cosmetic product?
My 24K Gold Skin Care Line, especially my snake venom eye and face cream! I’m obsessed with colloidal gold and it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. I now infuse colloidal gold in any product I make that goes on the skin and body.



Which product or products do you recommend bringing as the perfect hostess gift?
I always think a candle or diffuser is the perfect hostess gift. Everyone can use a candle or diffuser!

What is your favorite candle scent?
I’m a citrus lover – I love our Blood Orange candle. But it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I crave our most popular spa scent The Ritz, or I want my house to smell like the holidays so I light our Gilded Rose + Spruce which smells like Christmas.



Can you give other Mom Entrepreneurs looking to launch their own business one piece of advice?
If you want to turn your passion into a business, you must focus on the business aspect. Create a business plan and a balance sheet to track your performance. Think about all of the costs associated with your business – supplies, insurance, rent, employees, etc – and include them when determining your prices and margins. Keep these costs as low as possible (do you need a storefront?) for each stage of your growth. By focusing on the business aspect, you have a better chance of turning your passion into a successful enterprise.

Why did you decide to raise your family in South Orange County?
Our family has lived all over the country: Chicago, New York City and Connecticut. But I’m from South Orange County and have always loved the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and active lifestyle. Ultimately I wanted my daughters to experience growing up in such a wonderful community.

How do you practice self-care?
I try to make time for myself, whether that’s taking our dog for a walk or enjoying a class on my Peloton.

What is your go-to healthy family meal, that everyone loves?
Chicken Breast, lightly breaded, and cooked with Olive Oil on the stovetop. We always pair that with some of our favorite vegetables that I bake…Brussels Sprouts, kale, asparagus, squash and quinoa.

Favorite Date Night restaurant/activity in SouthOC? (pre or post COVID)
My husband and I love to go to Ironwood Cellar. We love it there and now have been making that our weekly date night!

How can SouthOCMoms find your amazing products?
You can always find us on our website at:
You can use Promo Code: OCMOMS15 to get 15% off on the website too! We are also at a few Farmers Markets: Farmakis Farms (Fridays), Orange Home Grown (every other Saturday), Ladara Ranch Farmers Market (Sundays). We are also in Open Market OC in their new location at Main Place Mall.


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