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What lead you to create All About the Deets?

I’ve always loved planning parties. As a young girl, I remember using every holiday as an excuse to decorate and plan a gathering. Even in medical school, while my colleagues were studying, I was more excited to plan our next formal event or gathering. After having my first daughter, my love for planning events grew and soon friends were asking me to help them with their parties. Earlier this year I decided I want to do event styling as more then just a hobby. A few months and parties into it, my husband came up with the idea of expanding to parties in a box. At first I didn’t love the idea but then quickly realized it’s like being a virtual event planner and it serves as a great way to help other moms plan those Pinterest worthy parties but with the time savings of Amazon Prime. I still get the creative outlet planning each party box and get so much joy out of seeing pictures of my party boxes used at different events. Our party in a box gives moms the opportunity to plan an exciting celebration for their family without the hours of planning and stress.

How do you balance All About the Deets and being an amazing mom of 2?

I’m still trying to figure that out. All About the Deets is only a few months old and there’s so much I want to do with it, but my girls are my priority. I’ve been doing most of my prepping, planning and boxing late at night while the girls are asleep. I like to squeeze in a couple hours every few weeks to style and take photos of our newest party boxes while the grandparents watch my kiddos. I try to avoid working on the weekend so we can enjoy our time as a family but I never pass down an opportunity for daddy to take the girls on a scooter ride while I get some work done! Balance is always a work in progress and I’m sure as All About the Deets grows I’ll keep having to balance my balance.

Children and Ages?

My oldest daughter is 5.5 and our little one just turned 2. They are a combo of sweet and sour sauce, sass and firecracker in one. These two keep me on my toes all day every day and have me addicted to cold coffee and wine but I wouldn’t have it any other way (OK maybe I’d take a housekeeper, chef, moms helper…any of the above).

What made you decide to raise your family in South OC?

I was raised in Irvine and completed all of my education at UC Irvine so I could stay close to my family. After getting married, my husband and I stayed in Irvine for a few years but decided to move to Aliso Viejo after having our first daughter. South County has so much to offer for young families. There’s an endless number of activities and events happening at all times and we knew we wanted to expand our family here.

What is your Favorite family activity in South OC?

Oh that’s a tough one. There are so many fun activities to do around here. My girls have Disneyland, Zoomars and We Play Loud on repeat to the point where Zoomars employees have offered my 5.5 year old a job when she’s older and we’re on a first name basis with the parking attendant at Disneyland. If daddy’s with us then a family beach day is at the top of our list followed by dinner at Shake Shack and sunset gazing.

If you were to stay in southern California for a staycation with the family, where would you go?

Our current favorite staycation spot is the Omni Hotel in Carlsbad. It’s less then an hour south of us but far enough that you feel like you are getting away. The girls love the pools and splash pad. Mom and dad can’t complain about their poolside mango margaritas. We’ve been trying to escape there every few months to recharge, but our next staycation is Disneyland. We’re just waiting for the summer craziness to unwind a bit to finally hit up the hotel!

Best piece of advice you got from another mom?

Sounds cliche but a mom with older kiddos once told me “enjoy every second. Some days are long, but the years are short. Before you know it they are off to college.” I always remind myself of that and truly try to enjoy every day with my girls. I made a big decision to put my career on hold to raise them and I want to make all of our time together count. Soon they’ll be teenagers and won’t want to hang out with me (they don’t know I’m planning on moving off to college with them)!

If you have a day all to yourself without children, what would you do?

TARGET! LOL. Sad but true. My ideal day would be aimlessly strolling the aisles of Target with a hot cup of coffee. If there’s still time I’d love to sneak in a sushi lunch date with the hubs. But let’s be real…if I had time without my kids I’d probably be running my never ending list of errands and things to do…but at least it would be with hot coffee!

Where can other South OC Moms find your adorable all in one party boxes?

You can find all of our party boxes on our website and on Instagram @allaboutthedeets. Can’t wait to share more boxes soon!

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