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I am thrilled to introduce Dr. Glenn the local Mom behind the recently opened Cali Quick Urgent Care for kids in Laguna Niguel. Us Moms finally have another option when we aren’t sure what is wrong with our if child or we have a sick child at an inopportune time. Yes Cali Quick Urgent Care for kids is open until 11pm every weekday and 5pm on weekends. So we can all sleep a little easier knowing we now have a local option to help take care of our kids in those scary moments. Dr. Glenn’s parents were both physicians and she knew from a very early age that she too wanted to serve and help people in their most vulnerable moments. Learn why Dr. Glenn chose to open an Urgent Care specifically for children, how she manages to squeeze in #selfcare and what words of advice she has for other Moms wanting to start their own business.


Dr. Glenn


Can you please share a bit about your family and why you choose to raise them in Orange County? 


My husband and I chose to move our family out to Dana Point from Cleveland, Ohio four years ago and now live in San Clemente. South OC felt like home right away to us. We chose this area for the beautiful weather, community, endless activities for our kids, and opportunities that the area has to offer. We love that we can be active all year round and avoid the gray frigid winters back in Ohio.  



When did you know that you wanted to be a doctor? 


I grew up in a large extended family of physicians. My mom is the head infectious disease nursing at the VA in Cleveland and my dad is an internal medicine physician. I was born into it but decided for myself when I was a sophomore in college. I knew I wanted to serve people and be there in their vulnerable moments to help.  




Why did you decide to start an urgent care specifically for children? And why did you choose Laguna Niguel to open your practice?  


After working in various Emergency Rooms around Orange County and Riverside County I was frustrated with the state of the medical system, especially patient experience. One of the things I was surprised by when we moved to San Clemente was that there was no hospital. In a town of 60,000 people there was no hospital to serve them. The closest one was several towns over. I also learned in Laguna Niguel and Dana Point there is no hospital. This leaves a big gap in medical care options for residents especially in the evening and night time hours. I often saw young families, children and even adults for that matter in the Emergency Room for minor issues after 7pm who really wouldn’t need to be there if they had other options. According to research 60% of ER visits could be taken care of at a quality urgent care. I wanted to work closer to home and be able to offer medical services to families and adults in the area with a focus on patient experience, quality, and convenience for families in our area.  


Dr. Glenn


Dr. Glenn


How has motherhood impacted your work? 


Being a mother has helped me to become a more compassionate and empathetic physician. I understand the worry that parents have about their children. Parent’s will often confide in me that they feel “silly” or confess that they may have a “stupid question,” but when you’re a parent there are no “ stupid” questions especially when it comes to the health of your children. I see people in vulnerable moments, at their worst. It is a privilege for me to be able to offer comfort, advice and reassurance in those moments. Being a mother and a physician also helps me to understand on a deeper level that children have different needs from adults when they are seeking medical care. Giving children a positive healthcare experience is very important to me because I have seen my own children have bad experiences in health care. 


Dr. Glenn


How do you practice self-care as a working Mother of three children? 


What is self-care? Just kidding. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who understands I need time to decompress. I try to take the time to connect with my friends and family during my down time. I also enjoy a good nap when I am able.  



What advice would you give to other Moms that want to start their own business? 


I would say the most important thing is having a good support system around you. I could not have gotten where I am today without the team I have around me. For me, the main support in this process was, and is, my business partner and husband, but it can be anybody really, it helps to have it.  



What is your favorite thing to do or place to go with your family in Orange County? 


I love going to events at the Casa Romantica Cultural Gardens. The views cannot be beat and its always really fun taking the kids to the various activities they host there. We’ve taken our three kids  (under the age of seven) so many great parks, zoos, activities but always remember our first trip to Baby Beach the day we arrived in the OC.  




Where is your favorite date night spot with your husband? 


NICKS on Del Mar when we can get away- the butter cake! 



How can local families find you and your state-of-the-art urgent care for children? 

Online at 

Like us on Facebook at Cali Quick Urgent Care. 

Find us on Instagram at 

Or E-mail me anytime at [email protected] 


Dr. Glenn

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