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Meet Liz of Coastal Organizing Company, the local Mom that will help keep you and your family organized all year long. Liz is no stranger to organization, it has been a theme in her life since she was a young child. She has spent many years developing and coordinating lives off those in the corporate world. When it dawned on her that keeping things in order is indeed her passion. Now Liz and her Coastal Organizing Company team keep all of us Socal families organized and in order. Find out why Liz loves walking into a disorganized room, what her favorite organizational product is and 3 tips on how to keep your kids toys organized!


Coastal Organizing Company


Why does a disorganized room bring you joy?

When I see a disorganized space I strategically see how I can transform the space. Call me crazy, but organizing/cleaning has always been a stress reliever for me and I find it fun!

Coastal Organizing Company

Why did you decide to raise your family in San Clemente?

We love how relaxed and down to earth the people are in San Clemente. We also wanted to live close to the beach and the weather is always perfect in San Clemente.  I am originally from Alabama so perfect weather is not what I experienced growing up. We have lived in San Clemente for a year and it’s the first place we have lived that truly feels like home.

Where is your favorite room or place in the house that you like to organize the most?

It’s a toss up between a pantry or garage. Functionality is so important in both areas because they are used so often and when they are organized it truly makes a big impact on our clients daily life. I love creating spaces that our clients can be proud of.

Coastal Organizing Company

Coastal Organizing Company

What advice can you give us moms to try and get a handle on the toys in our homes?

Toys can easily take over if you don’t have a plan in place. The first step starts when you are at the store! Clutter happens because of what we choose to bring into our home. Choose an area in your home where you are comfortable storing your toys. For me I keep toys in my kids’ closets and in our play closet under the stairs. If you don’t have a designated area they will quickly take over your entire home. Keep toys separated by categories and use the right product to keep things organized.

Three tips that can make a big impact: 

  1. When you are at the store with your kids and they ask for a toy, take a picture of them with it and add it to a gift idea album on your phone. Instead of buying the toy right then let them know that now you have a picture of it and next time it’s their birthday, holiday or they have money saved you can look through all the toy photos saved in their album for ideas.
  2. Rotate your kids toys. Kids tend to forget what they have and if you rotate them every few months they will feel like they got something new.
  3. Go through their toys every few months. You can do this with them or on your own depending on their age. Donate what they no longer play with. Maintenance is key and editing down what they have will make a big difference.


Coastal Organizing Company


What organization product can you not live without?  

Museum gel is one of the best products I have discovered.  It holds down your drawer inserts so they do not move around when you open/close your drawers. It keeps everything in place! You can buy it here: Musuem Gel Link 

Coastal Organizing Company

Please share your top 3 organizational tips for the home?

  1. Organization is like cleaning and it needs to happen often. Your home will easily become out of control if you do not prioritize it. Having the right systems in place and editing often will make a big impact.
  2. Returns can add up quickly. Keep an empty bin labeled returns in your garage so you have one location to store them and when you have the time put the bin in the car and make your returns.
  3. Kids can outgrow their clothes so quickly! Put an empty bin labeled too small on a high shelf  in their closet. When you realize something is too small, toss it in. This will save you so much time later on.


Coastal Organizing Company

Best piece of advice you got from another mom?

Don’t be too hard on yourself! No one is perfect and we are all just trying our best!


If you had a whole day to yourself without kids, what would you do?

I would definitely start my day with a walk on the San Clemente beach trail!  Then I would treat myself to a spa day.

Coastal Organizing Company


What is your go-to healthy family meal, that everyone loves?

We all have our strengths! Cooking is definitely not one of mine! My husband is the chef in our family and I clean up. An easy meal he makes that the kids love is teriyaki chicken, rice balls, and peas.


Favorite Date Night restaurant/activity in SouthOC?

We love spending our date nights in  downtown San Clemente. We hop around and grab a drink/small appetizer to share at a few of our favorite restaurants. The Vine, Nicks, and Brussels are a few of our favorites.


How can SouthOCMoms find you to get organized?

Fill out the inquiry form on our website : Click Here and we will get a 15 minute phone consultation scheduled. We would love to help you get organized! You can also find us on Instagram.


Coastal Organizing Company

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