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Find out how this dynamic Mom duo from Ladera Ranch took matters into their own hands and got their families healthy with natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. They have created every cleaning product, in every major category, so that your family can also enjoy the benefits of natural cleaning products. Find out how this Mom team deals with Mom guilt while growing their business, their go-to cleaning product and what’s next for Eco Balance Life.



What was your inspiration behind creating Eco Balance?
Unfortunately, asthma and allergies run in our families. After many tests, we discovered that conventional cleaning products were affecting us. For this reason, we decided to make a change in our lives and make our natural cleaning products.


How did you both know how to make green cleaning products from scratch?
E – We’ve switched entirely to natural cleaning products after many Dr. visits. He was the one who encouraged me to look at my pantry and research the natural options we have. We use mostly organic ingredients. The essential oils are 100% pure and natural. We choose antibacterial, anti-fungal, etc oils and Eco Balance uses glass bottles only!
P – We didn’t know anything about it but when we decided to make the switch, we had to research many “Eco Friendly” cleaning products. We realized none of the products met our expectations so we started putting together natural ingredients that we know cleaned very well. After many months, we made the first one and then kept going.



How do you balance being co-founders of the company? How did you decide who handles what tasks?
E – It’s not easy! We both have another job besides Eco Balance, but this is a project we have been caring for and we know that we are helping other busy moms that maybe don’t know yet how chemicals are affecting their family life. I love social media, for this reason, I’m in charge of and Pili is the one who has prepared and delivered the products.
P – I think that’s one of the most fun parts of having this brand together, we are friends and we know each other well enough to say what we enjoy doing more and what not so much. For example, I am not very active in social media but I am aware that now is how the world communicates so Evelin likes it and she in charge of that and she knows I enjoy preparing every order.


What one thing have you learned about each other through developing this business?
E – First of all, we are friends! Pili taught me how to organize a little bit of my busy life. I think she has something as a Life Coach inside her. She is always in every detail in her life as even in our company. That is why she gifted me my first agenda a couple of years ago hahaha!
P – I know Evelin for so many years, she is a wonderful friend, an amazing wife, and a mom but seeing her as a businesswoman showed me that she can do anything she has in mind. She is determined and can handle different roles in her life. I learned she is very talented to have so many ideas to post on our social media.



How do you deal with mom guilt while you both are working?
E – Good question! It is hard because as a mom you want to be 24/7 available for them but in my case, I have 2 big boys so isn’t as much hard as is it for Pili.
P – I am blessed because I worked at home and I try to be present in my kid’s daily life, probably not doing as many fun activities as I wish but it compensates when I see them happy and enjoying every family time we can all have together. One of the reasons for creating Eco Balance was that, trying to have more family time and also “working “ in something that we enjoyed.


What is your favorite family staycation in Southern California?
E – Any beaches from LA to San Diego are amazing, if we find a place to hike for sure we go but if we need to pick one, my family and I love Disneyland.
P – My kids love to rent a house in Palm Springs, for many years we went to resorts but they like more the “house” situation, especially because we can bring our lovely dog that of course is part of our family.


What is your favorite date night spot in South Orange County?
E – If I have a chance to date night with my husband Laguna Beach is the one! As a family, we love Villa Roma Restaurant.
P – Date? What’s that? Lol, it’s very hard for us to have a date… we have 3 children in 3 different stages but when we can do it, depends on how far we can go 😂. We live in Ladera Ranch so we have some local restaurants that we can go and grab a drink and an appetizer (Mama’s, Cheesecake Factory, Selmas). If we can go for a longer date we choose Villa Roma restaurant, has amazing food and weekends live Latin music so we can dance, and we do love to dance. If we can go further, we enjoy any restaurant with a nice beach view, like driftwood kitchen.


Best piece of advice you got from another mom?
E – Life is not easy. We are always busy, but it is very important to take time, relax and never give up!
P – Take time for yourself. I need more hours in a day to finish everything I planned, but many times in that “schedule “ there is nothing for me, at least 30 minutes and just sitting on the couch and relax or taking a class in person or online.



What is your favorite go-to Eco Balance Life product?
E – I’m a fan of all of them but our All-Purpose Cleaner is the “one” in my opinion. It clean perfectly and the smell is amazing!
P – It is hard to choose because I feel I need them all but our All-purpose is literally for anything so I have it in different spots at my house.


What’s next for Eco Balance Life?
E – We are working harder to bring the best quality possible and release more cleaning products is our next goal. We dream that we can go big one day and help many other busy moms to clean more naturally. Stay tuned because something new is coming!
P – Keep growing which means more people will recognize our brand as the best option for cleaning products for their homes.


Please tell South OC Moms where they can find your amazing products?
We have our website at ecobalancelife to check out our product line, ingredients, prices, etc. Also, our social media is available 24/7


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