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Travel-Friendly Gifts that Pack in a Suitcase (Ages 3-10)

This story was contributed by Rock Paper Sprinkles – creators of fun and fully propped kid parties, delivered to your door.

You’ve got kids. You’re traveling for the holidays. (Bahamas by plane? Grandma’s by car? Restaurant with no sitters?) You need toys that are easy to pack in a suitcase and take with you. The lovely ladies from Rock Paper Sprinkles has you covered with this list of Best Travel Toys. Gifts that will help you enjoy your stay away because your kids are occupied with play.

We’ve divided our list into two categories:
1. Best toys for travel by plane – when lightweight and small are your main considerations.
2. Best toys for travel by car – these toys are compact with durable cases (for traveling) and expand for fun (for hours of play at your destination).

Best Toys for Travel by Plane: Lightweight + Small

1. Polly Pockets ($10-15). These playsets include miniature dolls in miniature worlds that easily fit in a tote, purse, stocking or backpack. Buy this Polly Pocket Snow Globe for a themed winter gift. Other favorites include: Surf n’ Sandventure, Donut Pajama Party, Cupcake, Flamingo, Dance Par-taay Case, Mini Middle School, or Mini Mall Escape.

2. Sago Mini Portable Playsets ($20-30). These adorable playsets open to an interactive scene, complete with figurines and furniture, and close to a portable box with handle for easy storage and mobility. Check out this Sago Mini Portable Playset Spaceship, or our other favorites: Jinja’s House, Jack’s Diner, and Robin’s Farm.

3. Peppa Pig Little Places Playsets ($7.49-15). These playsets include figurines, an expandable playset for imaginative play, and a handle for easy transport. Buy this Peppa Pig Castle Fort Playset, or the entire collection: Bakery Shop, the Hospital, the Firehouse, the Grocery, or the Vet Clinic.

4. Paper Dollhouse Book ($39.99). This Victorian Dollhouse Pop-Up Book travels like a book and opens like a dollhouse, winning a place as our favorite toy for hotel stays. Add paper doll characters, like these Madeline Paper Dolls ($6.53) or Cut Out Paper Dolls ($11.12), for classic and creative play.

5. Playmobil Carry Case Playsets ($9-15). Grab and go with this Playmobil Mermaid Carry Case filled with Playmobil figurines and accessories. Other favorites include: Pirate Raider Carry Case, Camping Adventure Carry Case, or Family Picnic Carry Case.

6. Wikki Stix ($10.99). This Wikki Stix Traveler is full of endless possibilities. Create silly creatures, make “food” for your dino figurines, add “clothes” to your plastic princess dolls. Wikki Stix is a clean craft that your kids do on the go.

7. Sleeping Queens ($14.92). Our favorite card game for boys and girls of all ages. Capture queens, cast spells, and fight dragons in this fast-paced game that teaches math and strategy. Buy the Sleeping Queens 10th Anniversary edition, which includes more queens and a tin carrying case.

8. Apron Costumes ($32). This fairy costume doubles as an apron! Throw it over a fancy party dress to help Grandma ice some cookies, and then add fairy wings (included) and transform into a woodland sprite for hours of pretend play. Also, check out these princess aprons. Do you believe in fairies?

9. Dinosaur Vests ($38). Turn your child into a stomping, chomping dinosaur with this dino vest. Wear to school, to the park, on a plane, or for dress up play every day. ROAR!

Best Toys for Travel by Car: Contained for Travel + Expanded for Fun

10. Rock Paper Sprinkles Playscapes ($139-169). These multi-unit toys, like this Animal Clinic Playscape, let your children delve into a world of make believe. Keep this playscape displayed on a dresser or table for easy play, or tucked away in its own container. It’s a perfect activity to keep at Grandma’s house, on a toy shelf, or in the back of a car (to pull out during a vacation or family gathering.) Other options include Princess Valley Playscape, Under the Sea Playscape, African Safari Playscape, Woodland Hills Playscape, and Superhero Metropolis Playscape.

11. Playmobil Take Along Playsets ($30-40). Larger and more robust than the “carry case” options above, these “take along” playsets come with a handle, figurines, and expandable playset, and work well for any adventure outside of the home. Buy this Police Station, Fire Station, Schoolhouse, Haunted House, Diner, Pirate Skull, or Western City.

12. Kaskey Kids Sports Guys ($25). Sports obsessed kids love these athlete figurines. Parents love the easy to pull-out, put-away, and carry set. Take these Kaskey Kids Basketball Guys everywhere you go. Other options include Soccer Guys, Baseball Guys, Soccer Girls and Football Guys.

13. Catan Junior ($30). Catan Junior is a favorite board game that’s fun for both children and adults, and is particularly good for ages 7-10 (though even 4-5 year olds will have lots of fun playing).

14. Janod Little Miss Vanity Set ($29.99). A favorite toy for make believe play, the Janod Little Miss Vanity play set includes pretty wooden make up tools with fun, removable caps and brushes. Apply all of the eye shadow, perfume, and nail polish, with none of the spills or mess. Store in a zippered case.

15. Melissa and Doug Take Along Toys ($29.99). Melissa and Doug is known for their high-quality wooden toys and is beloved by many parents. Now their toys are easily transportable! Bring the Melissa and Doug Take Along Town with you and play anywhere you go. Easily and quickly clean up when it’s time to leave. Also try the Take Along Farm and Take Along Railroad.

16. Bracelet Making Kit ($16.93). Create bracelets for all your friends and family with this Rainbow Rubber Band Bracelet Making Kit. An easy and entertaining option to bring on all of those short and long trips with tweens. Carrying case included.

17. Bilibo ($25.99). The options are endless with this fun, imaginative toy: balance on top of these Bilibo toys, arrange them as stepping stones in an obstacle course, flip them upside down and sit inside, spin around, and then use them as a bowl or a prop! This toy is durable and shatterproof. Buy multiples for added fun. Stack and throw into the back of your car for easy transport.

18. Battat Dalmation Vet Kit ($22.97). Gift this Battat Interactive Vet Clinic and Cage Toy for your little animal lover. Set up a veterinarian clinic and examine all your stuffed animals’ bumps and bruises. Then transform into a doctor and perform check-ups on all your dollies (or, family members). Also, check out this Battat Medical Kit for more make-believe fun.

19. Reindeer Romp Party (starting at $139). Bring this Reindeer Romp Party in a box with you – or ship it direct to your destination – and throw a holiday party your children will never forget! This party is filled with 90 minutes of fun and 12 imaginative games and activities. Perfect for a gaggle of grandkids, nieces, nephews and/or friends. Party favors easily store in carry-on luggage.

Rock Paper Sprinkles sells fully propped and planned kid parties and gifts – for holidays, birthdays or just because. They are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. If you buy something through these links, they may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. Rock Paper Sprinkles only recommends products they genuinely like. Thank you so much!

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