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This story was contributed by Rock Paper Sprinkles – creators of fun and fully propped kid parties, delivered to your door.

Ditch the adults. Gather the kids. And gobble like a turkey.

You’ll be spending three plus hours in a house with twenty kids. Or with just one kid that has the energy of twenty. Be the coolest adult in the room. Here’s how: Turn all the kids into turkeys.

Why? Because it’s hilarious to watch and fun to play. Have kids look like turkeys and act like turkeys. Kids act like turkeys all the time anyway. They’re wild. They squawk. They constantly peck at you for food. Now you’re giving them free reign. You get to be a turkey, too. A simple craft and a silly game are all it takes.


Follow the steps below to make a turkey headband. Wear it all day. (Don’t forget to gobble!)
You will need:
• Turkey Headband Template (Turkey Headband Template – Rock Paper Sprinkles) download template here
• Construction paper (8.5×11 or larger)
• Scissors
• Stapler, tape and/or glue
• Markers

How To:
A few days before:
1. Download the Turkey Headband Template [Turkey Headband Template – Rock Paper Sprinkles]. Print and cut.
2. Using the template, trace the shapes onto construction paper, and cut out the pieces.
At your Thanksgiving gathering:
3. Children assemble the turkey faces, using glue or tape. Add detail with markers.
4. Measure the headband on each child’s head, and tape or staple into a circle.
5. Add feathers, using staples or tape. If your feathers are too floppy, add more staples or tape, until they stand up straight.
6. Wear all day, through the airports, in the car on your drive home, through the grocery store for those last minute supplies…(you get the idea).

Gather your little turkeys for a game that will make everyone giggle.
You will need:
• 2 adults + a pack of crazy kids
• 1 package of feathers
• 2 empty tissue boxes + 2 belts or pieces of ribbon (long enough to tie around your waist)
• OR: Bucket Blast (to use in place of the tissue boxes). Note: This product comes with many other games to play, but trust us, our version will be the most fun.

How to:
• If using tissue boxes: cut 2 small holes on each side of the box, and thread the belt or ribbon through holes.
• Divide feathers among the children.
• Adults: tie the box around your waist, with the box sitting at the small of your back, and the opening facing out.
• Children: run around the room, trying to place feathers into the boxes (while the adults run away).
• Then, switch it up and let the kids be “it”.

Who doesn’t love some good turkey Turkey Jokes around the dinner table.

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